Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I'm so scared of overeating right now. I have a few months of starving and then a few weeks of binging and overeating on absolutely everything- cereal, BISCUITS, chocolate, fruit.etccc
Ugh so yeah I think thats my main aim for the whole year. To not binge.
Today so far for lunch I've had white fish and brocoli and onion and a fat free yoghurt just now.
Although at like 1am in the morning I had a small bowl of instant oatmeal with almonds and raisons. Probably 200max.
Tea will probably be miso soup, 2 quorn fillets and heaps of spinach.
I'm going food shopping with daddy tommorra so I can stock up on safe foods.
Soya yoghurt, light soya milk, miso soup, popcorn, veggies, berries, salad, balsamic vinegar, quorn fillets, fish.

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